Sacred Sound & Healing Artist


"Who am I? What is my job here? What makes me happy?"

In the last few years I have embarked on an intensive search for my true inner self. Unfulfilled at work, in love and mostly stressed out, I started to search for my purpose in life. Yoga and meditation have been a part of my personal rituals for quite a long time.

By chance I discovered the transforming power of mantras in a harmonium workshop and felt my devotion to music for the first time. After more than 12 years I started singing again. I was always a very insecure person which was particularly evident in my voice: I spoke very softly, quickly and indistinctly and often got simply ignored. I would have never called myself a musical person. So I am more than surprised that I am now sitting in front of people as a singer and teacher. This teached me how much transformative power I can create by simply listening to my heart. Do not listen to your doubts, but to the quiet call of your longing. Who are you at your core?

"Be who you are, be the one behind it, loving soul. Keep receiving the miracle so courageously."


In connection with the sound, between all my insecurities and limiting beliefs, I discovered a strong woman whose voice was unheard for far too long. Get out of your head, into your heart. I followed the quiet call of my longing to pass on my enthusiasm for mantras and to inspire people to search for their true power and creativity. Since the beginning of 2018 I have been sharing my healing voice and my knowledge in a symbiosis of mantras, meditations and mindfulness. In my events I focus on the full awareness in the present moment, in loving acceptance and opening for all that is. Through my voice I open a space for healing and pass on inspiring impulses that I receive. With my warm-hearted and authentic manner I take you on a journey to yourself, carried by my love for Indian music. Since I had no previous musical experience before it's my greatest pleasure to guide people into their true vocal power and sound body.


I volunteered to lead a singing group in a woman prison to teach one of the fundamental powers of mantras: the liberation of the mind.

After 10 years of working as a cartographer for the Bavarian government I left my job to fully commit to the power of sound and silence.


  • certified meditation teacher

  • Mantra and Nāda Yoga Teacher ( Heart of Sound Training 480h with Anandra George)

  • Meditative Healing, Sound Healing, Crystal Healing and Kundalini Yoga with Zarah Kumara & Hansu Jot (Level I 220hrs)

  • Amnanda therapist

  • student of classical indian music with Supriyo Dutta, Colcata



"Discover the raw essence of yourself through the transformational power of sound!"


Face the greatest challenge: yourself!

  1. Connect with your breath. Your breath is the connection to the present moment.

  2. Let go of all your expectations of what your voice should sound like. Transform your emotions and heavy energies into sound.

  3. Feel the vibrations inside of you.

  4. Listen to the silence. Create space for intuitive messages to rise.

  5. We all have the same needs, hopes and fears behind our everyday facades.

  6. Learn to accept yourself in your most authentic self. Compassion and unconditional love is your powerful base.

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